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 Witches of Eastwick the TV show

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PostSubject: Witches of Eastwick the TV show   Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:01 am

Not sure how many of you remember or where old enough to watch the 80's classic witches of eastwick, it was a pretty fun movie for it's time.

Now NBC is looking to remake the movie into a tv show and has finally cast it's 3 witches.

Lindsey Price to play Joanne:

jamie ray newman to Play Kat

Rebecca Romijn as Roxie

The Story is basically about three women who discover they have mystical powers when a mysterious man comes to town.

Veronica Cartwright is also said ot have joined the cast

Veronica was in the original film version.

No word yet as to when this pilot will air just that the pilot has been ordered.

Also no word on the male lead, hard to recast Jack Nicholson, but maybe christian Slater would be a good choice. IMO


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Witches of Eastwick the TV show
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